Good afternoon, evening or morning wherever you are friends!!!

I want to share this while it’s fresh on my mind…

T O D A Y has been one of those days that truly tests your ATTITUDE and PATIENCE!!!

Have you ever had those days when things just don’t seem to play in your favor?

This morning the lady checking people in at the Frontier desk was really bitter… I decided not to give into her negativity and snap back at her…instead, I smiled and asked how her day was going…she actually SMILED back and said it was just starting! Then my luggage was lost at LAX and when I returned back home I had a parking ticket and my car battery was dead.

Sometimes when things aren’t going your way, it’s GOD testing you to see how you respond to the situation…are you bitter…Do you give into someone else’s anger…Do you have a bad temper… if you have a negative attitude, it’s as if you don’t pass the test, and negative things tend to transpire all around you…but if you have a positive attitude, and just shrug it off and JUST BE, it’s as if you graduate and get to the NEXT LEVEL…and our life begins to improve.

I used to get upset and get a bad attitude if things didn’t go my way or work out the way they were suppose to. Once I came to the realization that there are some thing’s I just can’t control…and if I just keep a POSITIVE attitude things will always work out…and often times even better than they would have otherwise!!!

T O D A Y…

I M going to continue to keep a POSITIVE attitude, no matter what obstacles get in my way!!!

I M grateful that my bag came in and I have a car to drive!!!

Life is GOOD!!!



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