6 ways to improve your digestion


I’ve talked to a lot of people this year who are struggling with GI Tract and Digestive issues. Now, I am not a medical Doctor and this is NOT medical advice. That being said, I would like to offer a few things that I would consider trying if I was having trouble in one of these areas.

1.) **Never drink with your meals. This dilutes your digestive enzymes and affects proper food digestion.

2.) Consume more of a fruit and plant-based diet.

3.) **Consider implementing a few alkalizing green juices and smoothies each day to give the digestive tract a break to repair and allow inflammation to calm down.

4.) Consider using a good Aloe Vera juice daily.

5.) Consider using one tsp of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with 8 oz. of water 15-20 minutes prior to your meals.

6.) Consider a good Herbal Stomach & Bowl formula that will strengthen and tone while gently moving you. (I like Dr. Robert Morse N.D. & Dr. Richard Shultz’s formulas)

Here is some food for thought. As my mentor Dr. Robert Morse states, what goes in must, for the most part, come out. If it comes out looking the same way it went in, thats a problem. (You should not see any undigested foods, except corn, in your stools.) When the elements of food are broken down into their simplest forms for utilization by the cells, there are many by-products from this process- including gases, acids, cellular wastes, undigested proteins, and unused material like vitamins and minerals- that need to leave your body.

The body is always trying to eliminate in ways that we often do not understand. An example of this would be cold and flu-like symptoms, where sneezing, coughing, sweating, aching, fevers and diarrhea are experienced. These symptoms are elimination processes used by the body to purge itself of mucus, parasites, toxins, and the like.

If we do not eliminate our wastes, we build congestion interstitial lay (around cells) and intracellularly (inside cells), causing further cellular decay and death. Good elimination moving our bowls three times a day, urinating adequately, sweating, and breathing properly. All of us fail in this category to some extent or another. By correcting digestion, absorption, utilization, and elimination we can regain our energy, build vitality and vibrancy, and live a disease-free life!

Any advice relating to health or medical matters reflects the private opinion of the person giving this advice. It is not medical advice and IMWellness, Ian Myers, its members, employees and representatives claim no medical authority or expertise whatsoever; this also applies to herbal and other alternative treatments, and dietary, fitness and nutrition-related advice of all kinds. IMWwellness and Ian Myers takes no responsibility for any consequences resulting from following such advice. Anyone seeking health and/or medical advice is strongly advised to consult a qualified professional regardless of what he/she may read on IMWellness. Do not disregard medical opinion or make any changes to your healthcare based on what you may read on this site. You are solely responsible for all decisions you make regarding your healthcare.

Excerpt from Dr. Robert Morse N.D- The Detox Miracle Sourcebook.


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