Improve the quality of your morning by applying these 2 easy steps

Do you have a morning routine?

How you choose to wake up and begin your morning can totally shape how the rest of your day will transpire.

If you wake up to a loud alarm clock and you immediately jump out of bed, you set yourself up for a day filled with anxiety.

Try this exercise on the weekends.

Just before you go to bed, practice setting your intent on what time you wish to wake up and how you expect to feel when you wake up. Then, fall asleep meditating on this intent and you will send this message to your subconscious mind and it shall be granted.

Try doing this exercise over several weeks until you no longer need an alarm clock. Remember, take your time rolling out of bed in the morning… Give your body and mind the opportunity to JUST BE for a moment and set your intent for what you are to do next. Then, you can move through your morning with grace and Gratitude because you have set your intent.

With Gratitude~


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