See why removing fats when you are detoxing is beneficial

Did you know that fat contains ten to 100 times more toxins blood? One of the best ways to remove toxins is to detoxify your body and remove the fats during this process.  By removing the fats when you are detoxing, you allow your body to begin to break down its fat storage and remove toxins on a much deeper level.


A good way to begin to detoxify your body is to start by incorporating Organic alkaline green juices and fresh fruits into your daily regiment. I like to start off with 2-3 different green juices per day and fresh fruit for breakfast. I encourage you to research food combination charts so you know what fruits mix well together. This will also help you prevent foods from not being digested properly and avoid having an upset stomach. There is one tip that I would like to offer, and that is to eat melons alone or leave it alone. Melons are the only fruit that do not mix with any other fruits.

By adding in your Organic Alkaline Green Juices, you will provide your body with a tremendous amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and hydration. Adding in green juice provides many benefits for your body. Here are a few things that are at the top of the list:

The high water vegetables will hydrate your body and cells on a cellular level and this will help with inflammation, balancing your body PH, and loosens toxins to be eliminated from the body

Green juice has the pulp extracted allowing the body to absorb all nutrients immediately and freeing up digestion so your body has more energy to begin the healing and detoxifying process

Provides a high amounts of Electrolytes

A natural wholesome way to increase your Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes 

You know exactly what your putting into your body vs taking a synthetic supplement that you don’t know what your getting

The high water vegetable juice will act as a natural diuretic making it great for encouraging urination to remove toxins and remove excess water 

As always, I recommend checking with your health care practitioner prior to beginning any detoxing program.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I hope you found the information here to be helpful.

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