Raise your energy with this Spicy Orange Juice

In todays world, we have so many artificial energy boosters and stimulants available that provide only a quick fix for energy. The problem that I see with these items, is that we are left with the crashing effects and over time it weakens the adrenal glands to the degree that we have to keep going back for more in order to feel that same level energy. Basically it inhibits the adrenals natural ability to provide us with our natural energy.

A quick breakdown of the adrenal glands:

The adrenal glands are one of the most important glands in the body along with the pituitary. They control our autonomic nervous system that produce neurotransmitters, which are essential for brain and nerve function. They also produce what is known as cortisol. Cortisol aids in the conversion of fat and protein to glucose and it also mediates inflammation. Key word here- Inflammation!

Some of you may of heard that inflammation is said to be a silent killer and most don’t even realize what is going on until something comes back negative at the doctor.

Over time the adrenal glands can become weakened from an acidic diet, caffeine, tea consumption, stimulants and stress. This can cause some turmoil in the body and send a message to the adrenal glands to increase cortisol production, which can cause further inflammation to occur in the body. The idea is to have a balanced lifestyle that includes plenty of alkaline foods, little to no caffeine and plenty of rest and R&R.

You get an idea of how important the adrenals are. There is a lot more information that I could share on the adrenals, but I want to keep this article short and to the point.
I encourage you to explore more information on foods that are alkaline, avoid coffee as often as possible and look for teas that are caffeine free. Also, try adding in more green juices, salads, fresh fruits, green smoothies and see if you don’t notice some changes taking place in how you are feeling.
Don’t wait until you get the bad news from the doctor, take action NOW!
I excited to let you know that I will be releasing 2 E-Books soon on juicing recipes, smoothies, and an E- book on how to prepare foods in their natural state with out cooking out all of the nutrients.

 Give this ENERGETIC juice a try for some Natural Energy!

20140201-174718.jpg 10 Carrots

The top of a Red Bell Pepper

2 Golden Beets

2 Geen apples

1 Inch of fresh Ginger and Turmeric Root

1 Head of Romaine

1.5 Lemons

Have a Healthy Day!

Thank you for taking time to read my blog. I hope you found the information here to be resourceful.

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