The Benefits of the Anti-Aging Wheatgrass


Did you know that Wheatgrass is said to be the most healing of all grasses.  It is an effective healer because it contains Chlorophyll, and it is abundant in all minerals, and is one of nature’s richest sources of vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K. Wheatgrass is extremely abundant in protein, and contains 17 amino acids, the building blocks of protein, which makes it  a perfect post workout addition.


Benefits of Wheatgrass:

  • Wheatgrass is also abundant in vitamin B-17, a substance that can destroy cancer cells selectively.
  • Contains Chlorophyll which oxygenates the blood and increases Red Blood Cell-count and is said to lower blood pressure.
  • Enriches and cleanses the blood, thus stimulating the metabolism and the body’s enzyme system
  • Powerful detoxifier and blood builder
  • Restores alkalinity to the blood
  • Wheatgrass has been used to restore grey hair back to its normal color (Google Ann Wigmore) to learn about her story.
  • Powerful energy booster
  • Helps with weight loss

For a more in depth list of benefits of Wheatgrassclick here http://hippocrate

I’ve been using Wheatgrass for many years with great results. Wheatgrass is available in juice, powder,tablets, and I’ve even seen it sold in Whole Foods as a frozen item.  Most juice bars sell grass shots for $3-4 per ounce and some offer it as an addition to your green juice or smoothie.
I recommend getting a shot of Wheatgrass in the mornings to Alkalize your body and for a natural energy boost. I also enjoy a double shot of Wheatgrass after a strenuous workout to promote recovery and build lean muscle.

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