The real truth about eating fruit is exposed


Fruit has had a bad reputation over the years and many people are afraid to eat it, because of fear of gaining weight or getting too much sugar. Raw fruits and vegetables are balanced in their simple sugars, amino acids and fatty acids. The fructose sugar found in Raw fruits is a simple sugar that helps strengthen and energize cells of the body, and this is one reason why your body becomes stronger and more energetic on these foods. Simple sugars also aid alkalization of the tissues, which is vital for tissue regeneration and vitality. Fructose is the highest electrical sugar in nature and is also superb for brain and nerve regeneration.

The best time to consume your fruit is first thing in the morning before heavier meals. Fruits and melons digetst very quickly. When combined with foods that digest slowly, their sugars are held up in the stomach. This results in the fermintation of the undigested sugar, which then yields alcohol. This alcohol from fermenatation of food sugars raises blood alcohol levels. So always remember to eat your fruits alone. The body responds best to eating mono fruit meals, which is simply eating as much as you want of any specific fruit. Two of my favorite mono meals are melons and dark grapes. The darker the grapes, the more cleansing effects they will have. There is an old saying about melons. Eat melons alone or leave them alone, because they do not combine well with other fruit. Melons are extremely hydrating and nurishing to the adrenal glands, making it a great fruit to energize the cells and to get your morning off to a great start! Check with your local farmers markets to see what fruits are in season, and give it a go!

Did you know that eating fresh organic raw fruit actually saves energy for the body and cells, because it doesn’t require insulin or ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to transport the nutrients across the cell walls, it’s simply pulled or absorbed through the cell wall by diffusion. Because of this, eating fruit can be benificial for diabetics, especially if they remove complex sugars from their diets. Complex sugars create excessive glucose levels in the blood, which then creates more insulin demand. I am not a medical doctor, and this is not medical advice, so you should always consult with your medical doctor and monitor your blood sugar levels when eating fruit.

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The Detox Miracle Sourcebook- Dr. Robert Morse N.D.

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