This is one recipe that you definitely want in your holiday recipe book….


The winter months are upon us and you know what that means! Lots of cold weather for most of us, comfort foods and big Holiday meals!  It can be extremely challenging to stay on track over these next few months, so I want to share with you a hearty recipe that you can add into your healthy holiday recipe book.

 It’s simple, nutritious and delicious!
By getting in more of these predigested and bio-available foods into your routine, you give your digestive tract a break from expending some it’s vital energy to break down solid foods, giving you more energy for healing.
Give this recipe a try…what do you have to lose?
Carrot Ginger Soup
 Carrot ginger soup– (Serves 4)
To make the base, Juice all these items together and pour into the vitamix or high power blender.
Using a juicer-
•1/2 cup of carrot juice about 5 carrots
•1 cup…

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